Develop Leadership

Management level professionals want empowerment, focus, and the promise of future career growth. Too often, they’re given “one & done” leadership training and forced to fit into an outdated, prescriptive leadership style, leaving them guessing at the right way to lead – with underwhelming results. What they need is modernized leadership training and ongoing development. Certified in Leadership Development, Training and Coaching, I help professionals develop the skills and mindset to become more productive, engaged and effective leaders.


Leadership Development

Professional Skills

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Leadership Development

Bridging the Generational Divide

Today’s professional environment involves a multigenerational workforce consisting of baby boomers, Generation X, Millennial and Generation Z. Each boasts different values and working styles and the need for leaders to adjust accordingly. Learn effective ways to communicate, motivate and empower your employees while fostering an environment where they can learn from each other.


This innovative 6 – 12 program is designed to recondition Leadership Development for the new age. Composite Leadership is evolutionary in its application and content by creating a new, more effective way to lead. Incorporating the core competencies necessary for effective leadership, emotional intelligence and conditioning a leadership mindset, participants complete the course with a bright new future in impactful leadership.

Cultivating a Leadership Mindset

How do Leaders think? Learn what beliefs and actions create the Leadership Mindset and how to cultivate them in your professional life. How can you begin to think and act like a Leader, and thereby grow into more leadership opportunity? Change your mindset – change your world!

Decision Making Essentials

Most managers view decision making as a single event, rather than a process. In order to become a better leader, more effective in your role and further your business knowledge, it’s critical to become a strong decision-maker. This course is based on proven techniques from Harvard Business School in becoming a better decision-maker and having greater influence in your organization


Identify the importance of delegating and the many reasons managers don’t delegate. Learn the five principles for effective delegation including when, how, and with effective communication.


Employee development program customized for your organization to identify, develop and retain high potential employees. Designed to empower selected employees with leadership skills and abilities and gain the experience, knowledge, and confidence they need to grow into a leadership role within the company.

High Impact

This training program is aimed at deepening and broadening management skills for newer managers. Identify development opportunities for the team to adapt to current and future management needs, and empower participants to learn and practice new management skills, receive coaching to refine skills and competencies, and prepare for future management opportunities.

Leading with

Empathy isn’t just something that’s nice for leaders to have – it can be the key to team and company success. Developing empathy skills leads to boosting innovation, engagement and inclusion, and it can help reduce employee burnout and lower attrition. Learn how empathic leadership can increase your success.

Onboarding Remote Employees Successfully

The onboarding process is the first step in retaining an employee – and the remote world is changing how we do it. Learn techniques for successful onboarding from the moment your offer is accepted. Remote employees have unique needs that require us to re-think the onboarding process. Start them off right!


Leaders need Succession Planning, but many don’t understand how to do it. This course teaches how to identify and develop employees who have the potential of filling key leadership positions. Employers and leadership learn crucial information on how to ensure business continuity, viability and resilience for the company, and provide development and advancement opportunities for high performers.

Why We Should be Training our Mid-Level Leaders

Need to make a case for better training? Learn the key reasons mid-level leaders need training – and the impact of not getting it.

Professional Skills


Define and understand accountability in all roles, including reciprocity and how Leaders demonstrate accountability. Determine the tools and strategies that empower accountability as well as identifying barriers to accountability and how to overcome them.

Building Trust

Identify the three primary elements of trust, the different and often unconscious ways we detract from trust in our professional relationships, and explore techniques on how to rebuild, recover and reestablish trust.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Go beyond teambuilding to more effective collaboration. Explore techniques that empower best practice sharing, engaged collaboration and ongoing team interaction that drives productivity.

High Performing

High Performing Teams bring extraordinary results, stimulate retention and increase engagement. This workshop describes high performing teams and their key principles. Measure your team’s performance, identify contributions and areas for improvement, manage conflict and build effective relationships.

How to Develop Remote Workers

Adapt high-powered development plans for remote workers in order create opportunities for growth, promotion and deeper engagement across all levels.

How to Network like a High Performer

Learn and understand essential networking techniques and how to apply High Performer strategies to create successful and winning connections. Identify what actions and motivation set High Performers apart and how to apply those to networking for success.

Improving Emotional Intelligence (and Finding the Blue Dolphin)

Learn the impact of how you think about your work and ability – and how it is holding you back. Identify the difference between the “white bear” and the “blue dolphin” and how to get control of thoughts and emotions in order to reverse negative thoughts and drive your success.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Identify different types of difficult conversations in the workplace and vital techniques in addressing conflict. Discuss the importance of setting ground rules and ways to create opportunities to resolve disagreements.

Practical Guide to Change Management

Understand why change management is critical for success and how to decipher the most productive change management techniques. Discuss how to practically apply Change Management theory in ways that make change stick and progress continue. Learn how to effectively lead and manage your team through change.

Presentation Skills (The Art of Presenting)

Learn how to adapt presentation skills to make you more impactful, persuasive and engaging in any situation. Understand how to develop presentations, craft messages and present effectively. A must-have skill!


Stress is a fact of professional life, but extreme and unrelenting pressures can lead to debilitation and burnout. Learn how to identify and characterize burnout, understand the impact of burnout for yourself and your teams, and establish techniques to resolving burnout for a more productive work environment and rewarding life.


Anyone can follow a problem solving matrix, but how do the most effective leaders solve problems? Learn the secret behind effective problem solving that not only gets to the solution, but bring about fewer problems in the future.

Professional Skills for New Hires

The Generation gap is widening and it shows in newer employees’ professionalism. Where can your new hires turn to understand professional conduct, writing skills, meeting facilitation and more? This course can teach employees how to navigate their new professional world.

Professional Time Management

Understand the need for better time and resource management and important techniques you can begin implementing immediately. Learn how to prioritize tasks and optimize time as well as how to set appropriate goals, manage waste and avoid burnout. This course has something for everyone.


Discover the value of strategic planning for your business, for yourself, or both! Identify and understand the important components of building a strategic plan and how to implement them for optimal success.

The Power of Feedback

Discover the power of effective, productive feedback. Explore techniques for giving feedback that is powerful and impactful while learning better ways to receive feedback for transformational change. Learn best practices and real time tactics for better effectiveness through feedback.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Cultivating Female Leaders

Explore the vital need for diverse leadership and the current state of underrepresentation at the highest levels. Understand the negative impact of this and how to cultivate and develop leaders with a more diverse representation.

Gender Bias in the Workplace

Learn the impact of everyday bias in the workplace as it pertains to gender. Explore the different types of gender bias, ways we experience them in everyday situations, and the mistakes we make in addressing them. Determine your role in how to re-envision gender equity in the workplace.

Managing Workplace Bias: Parents vs. Non-Parents

Uncover examples of unconscious bias in the workplace as it applies to those with children and those without. This powerful session elevates the conversation around challenges parents and non-parents experience in the workplace and ways to create a stronger culture of understanding.