Speaker Services

Imagine for a moment…

Speakers motivate change. They inspire. They influence decisions, stimulate action, and form connections. Jennifer Ott has been motivating, influencing and inspiring all levels of professionals throughout her 25+ year career, and she can do the same for your team.

An adept storyteller with the right tempo of humor, empathy, and charisma, Jennifer will bring a sense of unity, action and energy to your team

“We each have the power to change, grow and succeed. The first step is believing that we can.”

~Jennifer Ott

Jennifer Ott, with over 25 years of experience, is a seasoned expert in motivating and inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and navigate even the most difficult situations. Having witnessed both the best and the worst in professional environments, she understands the keys to unlocking success and driving personal and organizational growth.

Jennifer Ott is an Executive leader and the creator of Composite Leadership. Throughout her 25+ year career, Jennifer has honed her leadership skills while observing the best and the worst leaders in business. She has dynamically led executives to empowering their teams to accelerated results and deep engagement.

Jennifer’s specialty as a public speaker and motivating coach has led to faster business results for her clients as well as foundational change in leadership development.