strategize Marketing

Imagine for a moment…

You’re more effective in leading your teams, reaching your customers and generating business…
Your business is transforming faster than you imagined…
And you’re more successful than you dreamed was possible.

It IS possible, with the right strategies and transformative leadership.

Whether it’s a single campaign or a complex acquisition, how do you speak to your audience?

How do you achieve results, and how do you drive your teams to attain excellence? I specialize in working with people across all industries—healthcare, financial services, non-profit, goods and services. Certified in Leadership Development, Training and Coaching, and with decades specializing in Marketing Innovation and Growth, I have dedicated my 25+ year career to building the success of others.

My marketing strategies, leadership development and brand building help clients utilize dynamic teams and tactics through a disciplined approach. It’s a flexible formula to get you results.

About Jen

Jennifer Ott is an Executive leader specializing Marketing, Strategic planning, Brand Development, Leadership Training, and a multitude of business development specialties. Throughout her 25+ year career, Jennifer has dynamically led teams in multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, consumer packaged goods, non-profit and training & development.

Jennifer’s specialty as a public speaker and motivating coach has led to accelerated business results for her clients as well as foundational change in leadership development. She has the categorical skill of identifying business needs, structuring a meticulous strategy, and leading disciplined teams towards results.

Jennifer is also a member of the Wisconsin Leadership Board for the American Cancer Society, Founder of Fight Club for a Cure benefitting the American Cancer Society, and a breast cancer survivor.